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Kirby’s School of Wake is delighted to officially announce to you our newest partnership with the leading online retailer of outdoor gear, Evo!

Evo has partnered with us to bring you the quality and variety of wake gear you need all in a one-stop-shop, and it’s only a few simple clicks away. From Ronix wakeboards, wakesurfers and accessories to Xcel wetsuits to wakesurf shapers, they have it all.

Having the Right Equipment on Board Matters

Equipping your boat with the proper equipment is essential to having a successful and fun day on the water and helping to prevent injury. Kirby knows equipment can be a big investment, which is why he is passionate about helping customer’s like you find the equipment that is right for you, your ability level, the type of wake you ride, and the board that will help you accomplish your goals and progress your skills.

Try Before you Buy

Unsure about a style of Ronix board you’re considering purchasing? Thanks to Evo, we are supplied with the newest Ronix boards, so you can book a lesson and try before you buy.

Why Evo?

Online retailers are a dime a dozen, but Evo is unmatched in service, value and quality. We are frequent users of their website and think you’ll agree how user friendly their site is, how quick and easy it is to find what you’re looking for, how competitive their pricing is, be amazed at the variety of products offered, and we know you’ll love their free shipping for orders over $50.

Need help finding the right equipment for you? Send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you as well as offer you a specialized promo code just for you to use towards your order.