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Welcome to The School of Wake Challenge. These challenges are intended to help you push your riding to a new level as well as help you share your passion for the sport on Instagram. You will also have the opportunity to win some awesome prizes from our sponsors!

Each challenge has a set point value based on the difficulty of the challenge, so choose wisely in challenges you choose because you will be scored on your top ten highest scoring posts. The deadline to post is December 31st so get out there and have some fun on the water keeping these possible challenges in mind. We can’t wait to see what you post.


  1. Complete the challenge
  2. Post to Instagram
  3. Tag @kirbysschoolofwake
  4. Hashtag #schoolofwakechallenge and #nameofchallengeyouselect


  1. The Follow Challenge = 5 Points
    • The first challenge is super simple and that is to follow our sponsors and supporters:
      • @stateamindwatersports
      • @iguanamarinegroup
      • @malibuboats
      • @axiswake
      • @ronixwakeboards 
      • @anetik_performance
      • @bbtalkinusa
      • @zinkasunscreen
      • @xcelwetsuits
      • @wakewellusa
      • @ridenature
  2. Kirby’s School of Wake Apparel Challenge = 5 Points
    • Tag a photo wearing Kirby’s School of Wake apparel and post a picture of yourself rocking it on Instagram. Head over to the Kirby’s School of Wake shop to see the steezy merch options we have to offer:
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake in the photo
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #kirbysschoolofwakeapparelchallenge
  3. Xcel Wetsuits Cold Water Challenge = 5 Points
    • Push the limits of your comfort in the Xcel Wetsuits Cold Water Challenge. Whether you get your season started early in the spring or push your riding late in the year we want to hear about it. All you have to do is post a photo or video of you riding with the air and water temp. You may want to consider getting a nice new Xcel full wetsuit for this challenge.
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake and @xcelwetsuits
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #xcelwetsuitscoldwaterchallenge
  4. Zinka Nosecoat Challenge = 5 Points
    • Break out the colored sunscreen in the Zinka NoseCoat Challenge. We want to see your most creative sunscreen color combination/art. You can purchase this sunscreen at Iguana Marine Group in Osage Beach, go to or visit our Amazon Storefront to check out our favorites.
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake and @zinkasunscreen
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #zinkanosecoatchallenge
  5. Pass The Handle Challenge = 10 Points
    • Get ready to share your passion for water sports in the Pass the Handle Challenge. This is your chance to help grow the sport of wakeboarding or wakesurfing by teaching someone something new. All you have to do is post a video of you teaching them, the trick they learned or just a photo with them with a description of what they learned.
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #passthehandlechallenge
  6. Goofy Wakesurf Challenge = 10 Points
    • Get silly with the Goofy Wakesurf Challenge. This is where you will come up with the most fun and entertaining way to wakesurf and post a photo or video of you doing it to your wall. 
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #goofywakesurfchallenge 
  7. Wake Slash Challenge = 10 Points
    • Shred the gnar in the Wake Slash Challenge. This is where you carve up a big wall of water while wakeboarding or wakesurfing.
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #wakeslashchallenge
  8. Cable Park Explore Challenge = 15 Points
    • Plan a trip to the cable park for the Cable Park Explore Challenge. Visit a cable park that you’ve never been to before and make a post about the park.
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake and the cable park
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #cableparkexplorechallenge
  9. Bb Talkin’ Minute Challenge = 15 Points
    • Get techie in the BbTalkin’ Minute Challenge. Use the BbTalkin’ intercom to connect to the BbCam App and record yourself talking while you ride. All the audio will automatically be included in the video so we can hear what you say while you ride.
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake and @bbtalkinusa
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #bbtalkinminutechallenge
  10. One Day Wake Edit Challenge = 20 Points
    • Break out the camera equipment (you can use your cell phone or a nice camera, drone, etc. whatever you have!) in the One Day Wake Edit Challenge. Put together a crew of friends to go out and ride for the day making a video edit documenting the action. If filming isn’t your forte, but you think it sounds fun you can hire a highly skilled videographer to help you with this challenge. I recommend sending an Instagram DM to one of my boys @benvenscreative @haydenbsmith or @loren_paul and they can help bring your video to life!
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #onedaywakeeditchallenge
  11. New Trick Challenge = 20 Points
    • We all love to progress our skills and now you’ll receive credit for your hard work in the New Trick Challenge. You will earn 5 points for up to four new tricks for a total of 20 points. 
      • Land a new wakeboard or wakesurf trick
      • Post a video of you landing it with the name of the trick and how many tries you think it took you to land it. 
      • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake
      • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #newtrickchallenge
  12. Personal Best Wake Contest Challenge = 20 Points
    • Get yourself in the competitive mindset with the Personal Best Wake Contest Challenge. Link together four of your best wakeboard or wakesurf tricks and post it to your wall with no cuts or edits to your video. This will get you up to 20 points.
    • Tag: @kirbysschoolofwake
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #personalbestwakecontestchallenge
  13. The School of Wake Challenge = 50 Points
    • Put up some major points on the board with The School of Wake Challenge…. Challenge. Record yourself doing a wakeboard or wakesurf trick and make a post challenging someone to do the same trick. You will get 10 points for making the challenge and the person responding to the challenge will also get 10 points. You can earn points on up to five challenges for a total of 50 points.
    • Tag:@kirbysschoolofwake
    • Hashtag: #schoolofwakechallenge #theschoolofwakechallenge

That’s it folks! Have fun with these challenges and get creative! Stay tuned to our Instagram account where we will highlight some of the awesome prizes you could win and share your posts throughout the year. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!