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There is a lot that goes into choosing a wakeboarding school to work with. On my journey of  becoming a professional wakeboarder I have been fortunate to have the influence of many great riders and coaches in my riding. Everyone I have worked with has helped shape the way I ride, coach, and how I view wakeboarding today. We all have different learning styles, so it is healthy to experience different coaching styles.  Here are schools we highly recommend if you are not able to work with us here in the South West Florida region. These are schools you can trust  to receive nothing but excellent instruction and a fun experience.

Freedom Wake Park

If you find yourself in Orlando looking for a boat or cable session look no further than Freedom Wake Park. Cobe and Tarah Mikacich operate Malibu and Axis boats on a private lake with the most epic set up!

Wake Stone

Wake Stone is a premier wake school located in Illinois. It is operated by a close friend and former School of Wake coach, Timmy Burnier. Timmy is an amazing man of faith, incredible athlete, and highly qualified coach for both boat and cable riding. You are in good hands at Wake Stone.

STP Wake

STP Wake is a stand up school located in North Carolina. Owner and head coach, Stephen Pierce has an amazing set up on Lake Norman running Malibu and Axis Boats offering private lessons and camps.

Side Wake

SideWake is the ultimate wakeboard destination in Portugal. I was able to with their crew when I was in the area for the World Championships and was extremely impressed. It’s a dream spot!

AF Wake

AF Wake in Littleton, NC is run by my buddy and fellow professional wakeboarder, Adam Fields. He is an amazing athlete and coach that will help you progress and grow.

Muskoka Wake

Muskogee Wake located in Ontario Canada has an amazing set up with multiple Malibu Boats and great coaches. Be sure to check them out if you are in the area.