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Wrapping up the end of the summer season, Kirby had the opportunity to do a day on the water with the staff of Mission St. Louis. Mission St. Louis is an organization that works to empower impoverished people in the St. Louis area to transform their lives. This special organization was founded by Louisiana native, Josh Wilson. He is passionate about people and is the heart behind Mission St. Louis.

The organization’s hope is to eventually see “people living in neighborhoods full of opportunity, which know and serve their neighbors, and are invited into gospel-centered communities”. What makes their programs so successful though, is that they are built on relationship.

People really don’t care about what you know until they know how much you care.

At Mission St. Louis, “relationships are the legacy we are building,” says Josh. It’s relationship that makes room for hearts and the gospel to be shared.

Kirby was able to spend the day coaching the staff of Mission St. Louis in wakeboarding. “It felt great to be able to help bless the staff of Mission St. Louis with a fun day on the water. These people work diligently on the front lines to see transformation in their city. I’m very fortunate to have a career and platform that allows me to interact with and give back to organizations like this,” said Kirby. In the times we are living in, we need organizations like this to share hope…the light and love of the gospel to create transformation. Click the link below to find out more information and discover how you can get involved. Also be sure to watch the video recap of the day and a few words from Founder, Josh Wilson.

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