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Beautiful Florida weather has been met with some familiar faces lately! We were so excited to have lessons with two families from Missouri just in one week.

Last Wednesday, we welcomed Michael and Paulette Spriggs and their children Brody and Kathleen. Michael and Paulette own Point Randall Resort at the Lake of the Ozarks. Their son Brody jumped out on the water first equipped with a BB Talkin’ helmet and Ronix gear. It was as if he hadn’t taken any time off this winter! Brody was riding as good as ever, as he eased into drilling to feel comfortable and ended his lesson strong working on his wake-to-wake jumps. With the help of the BB Talkin’ Intercom system, Brody’s lesson was extremely efficient and he was able to accomplish so much more in his time on the water by receiving real-time feedback. His little sister, Kathleen, then took a try wakeboarding and worked on her form getting up. She did awesome!

After the boat lesson, we packed up the gear and headed to Revolution Cable Park. Brody had always wanted to try a cable park, but never had an opportunity. It is such a blessing that Revolution is just down the road from the marina, so we could make that happen for him!

Gearing up, Brody was a little nervous, as the cable park can seem a little intimidating at first. With Kirby’s coaching and instilled confidence in Brody, he was up and going and made it all the way around the cable on his first try! Again, BB Talkin’ played a HUGE role in Brody’s success as it allowed Kirby to talk him through each turn. We are so proud of Brody and are very excited to see him continue to grow in the sport of wakeboarding.

The Spriggs family is such a blessing to us. We love spending time with them and always leave them feeling encouraged, cheered on, and loved. Thank you for coming to visit us Spriggs family!

Oh but wait, there’s more! On Saturday, we were thrilled to get a visit from Ernie and Colleen Schluter. After exploring the river a bit, Ernie jumped out determined to conquer wake surfing for the first time. Ernie was up and cruising on the wake-surf board on only his second try! He even decided to do a little wakeboarding on his lesson. It was another successful day with Kirby’s School of Wake!

Ernie and Colleen are such sweet friends. They are extremely supportive of what we are called to do not only in wakeboarding, but in our faith as well. We say this a lot, but we have the best customers around…because they are our friends. We couldn’t do this without our amazing customer and support system – thank you!

We hope that you’ll too consider joining us in Ft. Myers this spring to be a part of all the fun!