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Surfers For Autism

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On Saturday, October 28, I had the opportunity to volunteer with a super cool organization called Surfers For Autism. This is a non-for-profit organization that allows children with autism the chance to surf and paddleboard. Much like the idea of Equine Therapy, surfing has proven to have similar therapeutic benefits to allow special needs children to break down barriers and have the time of their lives. Read More

Wakeboard and Wakesurf coach Kirby Liesmann

Rider Spotlight: Riley James

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This October I had the opportunity to work with young shredder, Riley James. Sydney and I traveled up to a lake near the Iowa/Missouri boarder this summer to give lessons to the James family for the day, and this is where I first met Riley. In that single session, Riley landed a tantrum in only five attempts. It was at that point I knew he had serious potential. Read More

The Wake of Fort Myers Boat

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Launching Kirby’s School of Wake Fort Myers has been a dream come true. Sydney and I are so grateful when we reflect back on this winter in Florida and see all the puzzle pieces that had to fit together just right to make it work.

As you know, by the grace of God, we purchased the wakeschool’s first boat in January. This was THE most important element of our expansion to Fort Myers not only because of obvious reasons, but because what we needed was very specific. It needed to be the right price, a salt-water edition, relatively low hours, and it needed to provide a wake suitable to high-end wakeboarding, beginner wakeboarding, and it needed to produce a viable wakesurf wave. Read More

Hope Floats

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In March 2015 I began dreaming up the possibility of having a winter wakeboarding school in Fort Myers, Florida. I clearly recall the day I first spotted the Caloosahatchee River. I was crossing the I-75 Bridge on my way to Revolution Cable Park and thought to myself, “Wow now THAT would be a great place to ride!” That exact moment catapulted me into drawing up plans to explore the area’s potential. Read More