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In October, Kirby and I ventured off to enjoy some much needed rest and recovery from a busy summer and all of our wedding festivities. We cruised on Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas for the week. The fact that there were recently major storms in the area was a bit worrisome, but thankfully we ran into no danger, simply puffy rain clouds threatening to rain on our vacation.

Not willing to let the threat of rain get the best of our trip, Kirby and I were determined to make our last stop in the Bahamas a memorable one. Many of the suggested excursions weren’t really up our alley and shopping seemed rather uneventful. If we were going to travel we were going to get the most of it! We stepped onto the port of Nassau Island with no real plan or expectations, but with our sights set on adventure.

Right away, the locals trying to sell us their prized wares surrounded us on every side. Carefully weaving through them and graciously declining we nearly ran into a man offering us a scooter rental for the day. It was only $50 (which was a great deal), but I was extremely hesitant. I mean, they drive on the other side of the road, we had no understanding of their traffic laws, and we had no idea what the safe areas of the island were (all the thoughts that run through a wife’s head in a matter of seconds). Without a moment more to consider, Kirby readily agreed to hear him out. He hurried us to his office giving us a map of the island and circling the best spots. He assured us that we couldn’t get lost if we stayed on the main road around the island. Kirby shot me a mischievous look as if silently challenging me to accept the adventure. With a shrug of my shoulders in agreement we found ourselves standing in front of our ride for the day, a red scooter.

A tall, thin man greeted us and began his routine explanation of how to run the scooter and instructed us to be sure to wear our helmets. Before he released us to the open road, he had Kirby do a test run down the alley. Grinning, Kirby whispered that I might want to film this. The man let out a big “awe man” gasp followed by laughter as Kirby wobbled his way down the test track pretending to not know what he was doing. Satisfied by the test run the man released us, but not before Kirby introduced him to Macklemore’s new song about mopeds. He held Kirby’s phone to his ear and broke into dance and one of the biggest smiles we’ve ever seen as the song played. He ran off to download it without another word and we set out on our moped adventure.

Not far out of town we decided to give in to the rumbling of our stomachs and turn into the first circled spot on the map to grab lunch. A man that sold conch shells started the local restaurant, and in fact conch shells literally made up entire the foundation of the building! Our waitress was so sweet and we got to pray with her before we left. There are opportunities to minister everywhere.

The rest of our scooter excursion was quite comical. What our guide didn’t mention to tell us was about the ten or so roundabouts along the way, which caused us to get lost multiple times and receive many “tourist” head shakes, one angry woman, and a couple horn honks. Just when we thought things were under control, the clouds moved in and the rain began to pour. My cute swimsuit cover up served no protection from the chilly, stinging rain as we scooted through the storm and flooding streets. Other than his fogged up glasses Kirby was patient, un-phased by the storm, and persistent to reach Jaws Beach. You guessed it! It’s the actual beach where the movie Jaws was filmed. I was trying to read the big map as Kirby drove with my too-large yellow helmet continually slipping over my eyes and drops of rain smearing map landmarks. This was great communication practice for marriage! Kirby was calm and collected and navigated the foreign roads with ease always getting us back on track. After a few hours we reached the beach where Kirby celebrated victoriously by doing donuts in the sand with the scooter…yes, we are very American.

On our 30 minute drive back to town, the rain clouds parted a bit and we stopped to see a few more beaches and had some fun filming with the GoPro. (Turns out my arms aren’t long enough….also turns out I had no idea which lever was the gas or the break on the scooter as Kirby took over with the GoPro while driving…oops!) As we cruised back into town to return the scooter, Kirby was already planning his video edit featuring the song Downtown by Macklemore. (No tourists were harmed in the making of this video). We made the most out of a not so ideal day and had an absolute blast making hilarious memories! We hope you enjoy a small glimpse into our Bahamas scooter adventure!