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There comes a time in every engaged man’s life when he gets to have one last party as a bachelor. That is exactly what I got to experience with my best buddies on September 12th at the Stever’s Rad Ranch in Odessa, Missouri. My best man brother, Jeff Liesmann, organized the event details with property owner Jerry Stever and was able to get all of the crew together. This incredible wakeboarding compound was the perfect set-up for the Nitro Circus themed party.

Once everyone arrived, it truly felt like a Nitro Circus with two Wakeboard Cables going, moto machines flying through the fields, and lots of laughter. For me, the best part about the afternoon was kicking back and watching my friends having a good time. Since I get to spend my whole summer on the lake, this was a nice change of pace to wakeboard on a cable and to have all my best buddies there enjoying it with me. It was such a blessing to have all my friends together in one place, because unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often in the craziness of a busy summer. After we all had a few sessions under our vests, we figured it was a good time to send our good friend Blake Hale to get launched over the kicker ramp on the tube. It took a few tries to get him lined up, but we had him soaring across the lake in no time. Meanwhile, my brother was whipping up an amazing barbeque. After dinner, we had the ultimate story time around the fire that lasted late into the night. When we all woke up the next morning, Timmy Burnier preached a heart-filled message about how we should pursue Godly relationships. This was a great way to start our Sunday morning and a great way to close out the festivities for the weekend.

This was by far one of the best times I have ever had riding with my crew of friends. More importantly than the wakeboarding, it was the support that was shown for my future marriage to the woman of my dreams. These friends will forever be a blessing to Sydney and me. Unfortunately, most people’s ideal of a bachelor party comes with a very negative perception. I was so thankful to have friends that were able to celebrate with me in a way that was truly honoring to God and my future marriage. Thank you again to the Stever family of Rad Dad Jerry, Julie, Jonny, and David for letting us wild guys invade your wakeboard paradise for the weekend. Their family has been so good to me over the years and there is nowhere on earth that could have served up a better party for me and my friends. Check out the video and pictures from the weekend below. Thank you to Ben Vens and Jeff Liesmann for providing them!