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August 2023

Cracked at Wakeboarding

By Blog
Author: Amy Gatlin

Cracked [krakt]: Internet gaming term used by people to describe someone who is incredibly good at something.

As an instructor, Kirby hangs around kids all the time; he hears all of these cool, hip, trendy phrases all the time.  One that has stuck with Kirby this year is the term “cracked.”  Kids told him it started as a term in Fortnite and it has transitioned into being used in phrases to describe people who are great at anything, in particular. Read More

Beat the Summer Heat

By Blog
Author: Abby Siemer

“As a wakeboarding coach there’s so much that goes into staying healthy and making sure we’re at our best for our students. Being a wakeboard instructor requires a lot of time, work and attention usually in the heat of summer, so it’s important to not get ourselves rundown”, explained Coach Kirby. As a water sports coach, it’s important to understand how to take care of yourself when in such a demanding, daily environment. Kirby shared his safety measures that protect him, the other coaches, and customers from the challenges that come from this line of work.  Read More