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July 2023

‘Weather’ or Not to Ride

By Blog
Author: Abby Siemer

In July of 2018, a tragic event took place. A DUCK boat or as they called it The Stretch Duck 7 was a passenger vessel meant to take participants around Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. On July 19th, 31 passengers boarded and set off despite a severe weather warning issued just 20 minutes before their departure. The captain knew about the storm approaching and decided to continue with the voyage anyway. As thunderstorms and 70 mph winds began to strike the boat, it capsized and sank, and 17 lives were lost. As a boat captain or boat owner/operator, weather plays a huge role in planning out the day, and it’s nothing to mess with. At Kirby’s School of Wake safety is everything which is why the coaches take so many precautions when it comes to weather. Read More