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May 2023

A Sit Down With Wakening Watersports

By Blog
Author: Abby Siemer

Wake for Warriors was founded in 2012 by David Deep, a veteran who served more than 28 years in active and reserve services for the US marines. He understood the importance of having a space to enjoy himself and heal after experiencing the hardships of serving in our armed forces. Kirby’s School of Wake got an exclusive interview with John Schmersal, who along with his wife, AnnMarie Schmersal and colleagues Rick Keeton and Adam Wensink run the northwest chapter of Wake for Warriors. Read More

Picture This

By Blog
Author: Amy Gatlin

It’s spring! The weather is changing, the trees are full of leaves, the sun is shining, and when you wake up in the morning and look out the window, the water is as smooth as glass. Inboards are starting to buzz around on the lake, as people are taking them out for the first time this year. If you scroll through Instagram, it’s already loaded with videos or pictures of wakeboarders and surfers back on the water… it makes me have that itch… that motivation and desire to be out there too.  On top of that, the weather is finally warm enough to really spark the wakeboarding or wakesurfing fire in your soul. Read More