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November 2016

Welcome to Punta Cana!

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Kirby and I have never found ourselves tracking a hurricane more closely than the week of October 2nd. We are used to the threat of tornadoes back home, but hurricanes…those are a whole new world. Fresh from Missouri, we sat out on our friend’s lanai in Orlando contemplating our options.  The Malibu Punta Cana Pro was the last professional competition of the year. It was scheduled for October 7-9 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The easy and “safe” thing seemed to be to cancel our flights, but wait, wait, wait…let’s rewind and start from the beginning to get you caught up. Read More

Personal Best Contest 2016

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The third annual Personal Best Contest was held on Saturday, September 24. There is not a better way wrap up the wakeboarding season at Lake of the Ozarks. This is a very special event we host. It is here that we give our customers an opportunity to wakeboard/wakesurf for a cause. All proceeds went towards supporting the continued recoveries of professional wakeboarder, Brad Smeele and professional wake skater, Matt Manzari.

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