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October 2016

Freedom Church Boat Day

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The Work of a Pastor

Have you ever considered how hard the job of a pastor is? Pastors are constantly helping people with their struggles, organizing community outreaches and weekly services, managing life groups and church staff…BUT on top of all of that, the pastor has a weekly public speaking engagement to prepare for. I’ve come to notice that most pastors rarely rely on their notes AND many pastors present the same message to multiple services. Can you image trying to construct impactful, Spirit-led messages EVERY week and know them well enough to give them virtually without notes? This has never crossed our minds until Kirby was so graciously invited by Pastor Dennis to give the message at Freedom Church in Osage Beach, Missouri. Read More

Making Waves with Mission St. Louis

By Blog

Wrapping up the end of the summer season, Kirby had the opportunity to do a day on the water with the staff of Mission St. Louis. Mission St. Louis is an organization that works to empower impoverished people in the St. Louis area to transform their lives. This special organization was founded by Louisiana native, Josh Wilson. He is passionate about people and is the heart behind Mission St. Louis. Read More