About Kirby

Kirby’s School of Wake is the ultimate watersports experience at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and Fort Myers, Florida. We provide a fun, safe and professional learning experience for riders of all levels. Whether you are learning the basics or ready for the most advanced tricks, Kirby’s relaxed, no-pressure coaching style will keep you progressing at the pace that you are most comfortable with. Enjoy wake surfing, wakeboarding, and cable park lessons with Kirby Liesmann, Pro Wakeboarder and Coach.

What you could learn

How to Wakeboard

How to Wakesurf

How to Ride Cable

Board Control

Proper Edging

Line Tension


Board Grabs

180 Degree Spins

Basic Flips

Handle Pass Spins

Mobe Inverts

What students are saying

I was struggling with my toe side wake-to-wake jumps. Kirby corrected my body position and now I consistently landing these! Kirby is an excellent teacher, his excitement for the sport of wakeboarding is contagious.

Joe Knochel

I have hired many different instructors across the country. there is no doubt in my mind Kirby is the best one! He is great with kids and adults! It absolutely amazed me how he can spot the smallest detail and show you how to fix it! He is also a great person to talk with, always professional yet fun at the same time!

Richard Shannon

I would recommend Kirby to anyone looking to improve their wakeboarding or wakesurfing skills. Our son really enjoys being with Kirby and he sets a great positive example for kids. I especially like that Kirby won't let anyone say "I can't" they have to say "that's really hard for me" or something along those lines. Kirby's positive coaching methods have made wakeboarding and wakesurfing really fun for our son and he always looks forward to his next lesson.

Jason Jennings

Kirby's School of Wake is the best place at the Lake of the Ozarks to get those helpful tips you need to land your next invert and an even better place to learn the basics and get you out on the water and having fun! Kirby's School was the nicest and most professional experience I have ever had for wakeboard lesson! You don't need to look anywhere else for lessons! Kirby kills it!

Kyle Lanham

From the scheduling process to the end of the riding session I couldn't be happier. Top notch crew and knowledge. I'll be going back.

Corbin Russell

Wakeboard camp is one of my favorite times of the year. I love going and having a good time with my friends. The camp has a very nice environment and has good church sessions at night because the speakers give their real life examples. All of the boats are awesome, but the instructors are better. Learning new tricks is so much fun, and Kirby's teaching is the best you can get.

Corbin Shanks

We always have a great time at Kirby's and always learn, highly suggest it! He always makes it fun challenges you and is a example!

Paula Brackett

My wife and I took our two boys (age 4 and 7) to Kirby's School of Wake at the end of June. The experience was great from being greeted at Wake Effects by Sydney to the thrilling time on the water with Kirby. The boys definitely had a successful first lesson and they both look forward to getting back on the water with Kirby this summer. I would recommend wake boarding (regardless of your skill level) for anyone visiting Lake of the Ozarks.

Neil Newton

The friendly coaches make it easy to have a lot of fun on the water. Whether it's your 1st time wakeboarding or your 100th you will be able to advance your riding. The staff took excellent care of me and helped me learn many new tricks. I've been through several clinics before and this school is by far the best out there!

Doug Kras

Timmy was our instructor and was wonderful. His cues were helpful. Always saying what he liked about the attempt and then offering suggestions on how to improve technique. Very patient.

The Konice Family

Kirby was beyond amazing with my grandsons, ages 10 and 4! Boating and tubing with him was definitely the highlight of our Lake of the Ozark vacation. He even taught our 10 year old grandson how to wakeboard and was so patient and encouraging.

Carolyn Novak

Kirby really helped me to gain confidence on the water. I am able to jump the wake now and do toe grabs. After camp I found that when I went back to the cable park I was able to progress a lot faster!

Abby Warczakoski

I am a newbie at wakeboarding, I have always been too fearful to try new things and I feel like this was an awesome experience for people like me. Kirby, Sydney, Timmy, Kyle, Kyle and many others helped me to overcome my fear by showing God's kindness and love through their passion to serve others using their talents

Erin Leezer

Kirby’s School of Wake is an AWESOME camp to attend regardless of your age and wakeboarding experiences. Everyone will learn something new! Coaches are really cool and want you to learn and grow in the sport they all love. You will leave camp with a new found love for the sport you knew you liked! Next year can’t come quick enough!

Kyle Burke

Kirby is a great wakeboarder, but an even better teacher and role model. His personality is contagious and makes the sport fun. His rapport with our two boys has them trying things on a wakeboard we couldn't even bribe them into. After one lesson, you're kids won't want to wakeboard with anyone else!

Joy Cuezze

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