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Personal Best Contest

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Have you ever wished you could show off all that you’ve learned this summer? Know what it’s like to compete in wakeboarding? Meet other School of Wake students? Here is your opportunity!

IMG_7173Kirby’s School of Wake is hosting its sixth annual wakeboarding contest on Saturday, September 21st. The contest is open to all ages and ability levels and features Kirby’s signature contest format. Riders are judged on how close they get to accomplishing their predetermined, personal best on their wakeboard. Accomplish your personal best to be crowned the winner of your division.

At Kirby’s School of Wake we are all about progress over perfection. This is our way to encourage our students to showcase what progress they’ve made over the summer rather than just comparing their skills to others.

“What is a run?”  A run is a list of specific tricks each rider plans to perform in order. (The number of required tricks for each division is listed below.)


Please bring your wakeboard and lifejacket if you have one. Also good things to bring: towel, camera, snacks, and floaties. If you don’t have a wakeboard or jacket, please email Sydney at sydney@kirbysschoolofwake.com and we can bring equipment for you.


Evaluate the Kirby’s School of Wake Achievement Program to determine your skill level. Click HERE to view the achievement levels. Your color coordinates with a division and its respective number of required tricks below.

  1. Beginner Wakeboard: Blue (4 tricks)
  2. Intermediate Wakeboard: Green (6 tricks)
  3. Expert Wakeboard: Orange, Silver, and Gold (8 tricks)
  4. Wake Surf Division: All Ability Levels


The contest takes place out in Long Cove (where we normally do our lessons). We encourage our customers to boat out, tie up off to the side, and enjoy the day on the water! We will also have the Iguana Party Barge available for those who don’t have access to a boat (space is limited and you may want to bring a lawn chair for added seating). We will also be serving up some complimentary snacks and water on board the Party Barge as a thank you to our customers for a great summer!

Practice Rides and Check-in will be at Iguana Watersports in Osage Beach.


To register, purchase a ticket for each participant on the bottom of this page. Participants may compete in both the wakeboarding and wakesurfing division. Please have your liability waiver, photo release, and trick list when checking in the day of the event.

Spend the day hanging out with us even if you don’t plan to participate. Awards will be given on the Party Barge following the competition out in the cove.


Contestants have the option to take a 15-minute lesson with Kirby. This can be done from 8:00am-1:00pm the morning of the contest. Kirby will also help riders construct their runs for the contest during this time. Please email Sydney if you plan to participate in the practice.

Cost: $30


8:00am – 1:00pm: Discounted Lessons/Practice Riders at Iguana Watersports in Osage Beach

1:30pm – 1:50: Check-in with Sydney at Iguana Watersports in Osage Beach

2:00pm: Head to the Cove

2:30pm: Contest Begins in Long Cove


Please email Sydney at sydney@kirbysschoolofwake.com for more information and inquiries.

Please sign our liability waiver & photo release form and bring with you to the event.

[Note: if you have already signed waivers for 2019, you may disregard]



Spring Fling Freeride

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The 2019 Spring Fling is a fun, pre-season wakeboard event designed to create community for fellow wakeboard and wakesurfing families. Wakeboarders of all ages and abilities are invited to dust off their tricks for summer. It is great for the whole family to relax and enjoy a pre-season getaway. To add a competitive twist to the weekend, there will also be a video submission contest.

Be sure to bring your family, food, your wakeboard boat, and your gear. No boat? No worries! Discounted lessons are available with Kirby for $75/30 minute set. Don’t forget a wetsuit if you have one. There will be freeriding all day Saturday. Riding will resume early Sunday morning with Wake Church and the awards presentation concluding the event at 1:00pm.

Date: Saturday May 17 – May 19

Event Contest Format: Video Submission Contest

Riders will submit videos by posting them to Instagram with the hashtag that best describes their trick. The rider who gets the highest score in each division will be the winner (find out your division by discovering where you are in the achievement program: this can be found on the bottom of the “Lessons & Camps” page). Riders MUST hashtag (springflingfreeride, kirbysschoolofwake, and their trick category to be considered). Divisions and point categories are as follows:

Beginner = Blue
Intermediate = Green
Expert = Orange, Silver and Gold

Point Categories:

  • #Gotitback (5pts): Landing a trick for the first time of the season.
  • #Newvariation (10pts): Accomplishing a new variation of a trick.
  • #Newtrick (15pts): Landing a trick you’ve never done before.
  • #Worstfall (points subjective)
  • Subjective points (1-5): Will be given to to each trick based on how well it is done.

Event Hash Tags: #springflingfreeride; #kirbysschoolofwake; #gotitback; #newtrick; #newvariation; #worstfall

Boat Options: Bring your own boat OR sessions with Kirby for $75/30 minute set. Please purchase your sessions below to reserve your spot and bring signed liability waiver to event to participate. Download the liability waiver HERE and the photo release HERE.

What to Bring: Food/Snacks, Wakeboard Gear, Life Jacket, Wetsuit, Towels (optional)

Location/Lodging Information:

Pomme de Terre Lake | Hickory Grove Hideaway

Note: We have reserved two rooms. Please email Sydney at sydney@kirbysschoolofwake.com to set up accomodations and RSVP.


Please RSVP with Sydney at the email below if you plan to attend. Please include the number of participants, how many lessons they’d like to reserve, if they will be needing equipment please include their shoe size and height. Payment for lessons will be taken following the event. We accept cash, credit, or Venmo.

Contact Information:

Sydney Liesmann – (573) 721-5253 | sydney@kirbysschoolofwake.com

Personal Best Contest 2016

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The third annual Personal Best Contest was held on Saturday, September 24. There is not a better way wrap up the wakeboarding season at Lake of the Ozarks. This is a very special event we host. It is here that we give our customers an opportunity to wakeboard/wakesurf for a cause. All proceeds went towards supporting the continued recoveries of professional wakeboarder, Brad Smeele and professional wake skater, Matt Manzari.

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