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By March 10, 2017Blog

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you know how passionate I am for the Fox Brand. I have represented Fox for seven years and can say without any hesitation that there is no other clothing brand I would want to associate with. Fox shares my love for action sports and works hard creating clothing with both athletes and enthusiasts in mind. They are a company of excellence and their quality products reflect that.

Today, I’m giving you a special inside look into my personal Fox clothing. These are the exact items in my closet and the ones you’ll see me wearing this season.

First, tanks and tees. Fox tank are irreplaceable for hot summer days and great for the boat. Not only that, but they last a long time! As for tees, I typically pick shirts with unique graphics and colors. Fox Premium and Tech T-shirts are my favorite. They are extremely breathable, comfortable and don’t turn boxy like many other brands do after only a few washes (nobody like boxy shirts). Then you’ve got boardshorts. You can never have too many pairs of boardshorts when you’re on the water as much as I am! Fox boardshorts are great because they are made of a softer material and have a lot of stretch, which gives me the mobility I need on the water.

Next up is jeans and shorts. I’ve really slimmed down this year hitting the gym hard, so I needed to update my pant selection. I picked up a new pair of dark wash jeans and some shorts that I can easily dress up or dress down. You’ll also notice a pair of men’s volley shorts in there. These are AMAZING. Highly recommend. They are the most comfortable shorts and are definitely going to be my new favorite for lounging and traveling. As for accessories, Fox sunnies are a must have along with a clean looking hat and belt.

Lastly, shoes! The Fox shoes I’ve had in the past have fit every need I have with cross training. They are really comfortable, provide a lot of support, and look super sick! I also grabbed a pair of shoes that are more casual that I can wear every day – it’s good to have a shoe that looks good, and looks good with almost everything.

Take a browse through the virtual version of my closet and check out the items I wear on the daily. Click each item to find out more or submit an order. Shop more Fox clothing at foxracing.com. What’s in your Fox Closet?