2016 National Championships

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Thanks to Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers, Kirby was able to travel to Acworth, Georgia in July to compete in the WWA National Championships. Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers is the premier sponsor of Kirby’s travel for the 2016 season. Wakeboard contests are becoming increasingly international. Without Dispensa-Matic’s support, Kirby could not feasibly attend most of the WWA contests. They are a huge blessing and we are so grateful for them. Read More

Welcome to the Team

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This year we are happy to announce the new Kirby’s School of Wake Team! The team was formed by Kirby’s vision to train and guide up-and-coming wakeboarders as they enter into the realm of competitive wakeboarding. Our riders have open access to Kirby to grow, train, and progress as athletes and as men. Each of these riders were hand selected. They are talented, accomplished athletes that have demonstrated character and integrity on and off the water. They are not only dedicated and hardworking, but are some of the most personal, kindhearted wakeboarders around. We couldn’t be more excited to have them representing Kirby’s School of Wake. Be sure to keep up with them on Instagram to see what new things they are working on. So without any further adieu…let’s meet the team! Read More

Burn Camp 2016: More Than Conquerors

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This June, Kirby’s School of Wake had the special privilege to be a part of the Midwest Children’s Burn Camp. The camp is designed specifically for children who have suffered trauma from serious burn injuries. Serious burns are extremely painful and cause scaring of the skin. The need to feel accepted is a powerful thing, especially in today’s world. As these children recover from their injuries, Burn Camp provides them with an atmosphere of healing. Campers are able to make new friends that reserve judgment, have fun, and learn that they are not defined by the scarring on the outside, but rather who they are on the inside.

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Wake by Faith

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Wakeboarding has been a driving force in my life since the age of seven. I remember being a kid scanning through all of the wakeboarding magazines and watching all the newest wakeboarding videos I could get my hands on to see what the professionals were doing. Now, 20 years later, wakeboarding is not only my passion but my career. Read More

Our Story

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Many of you have seen my testimony that was filmed with the ministry This Is My Story in 2010. If you haven’t you can view it by clicking here. God was doing some major transformation in my life at that time. To show you exactly how faithful God is, I filmed a part two demonstrating the fruit of that decision I made in October of 2010 to live fully dedicated to the Lord. God sees the big picture and it’s His Holy Spirit that leads us to repentance. I answered His call to transform how I was living my life without realizing that God had a much bigger plan in store for me. With that being said, I am excited to announce the release the part two of my testimony where I’m able to share only a part of the impact of that decision. Giving my life to follow Jesus was a decision I will never regret. Read More

Bahamas Moped Excursion

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In October, Kirby and I ventured off to enjoy some much needed rest and recovery from a busy summer and all of our wedding festivities. We cruised on Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas for the week. The fact that there were recently major storms in the area was a bit worrisome, but thankfully we ran into no danger, simply puffy rain clouds threatening to rain on our vacation.

Not willing to let the threat of rain get the best of our trip, Kirby and I were determined to make our last stop in the Bahamas a memorable one. Many of the suggested excursions weren’t really up our alley and shopping seemed rather uneventful. If we were going to travel we were going to get the most of it! We stepped onto the port of Nassau Island with no real plan or expectations, but with our sights set on adventure. Read More

Lake Boat Wake Legislation

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Many of you might be aware of the current legislation regarding boat wakes that is currently in the process of being filed. The bill should be filed by Christmas where it will then go through a series of committees and approval before reaching the house floor. Read the proposed legislation by clicking here and please get involved in the conversation by participating in the comments and survey on the site. Well aware of the public concerns that have been voiced on both sides of the matter, we wanted to inform our customers and students of where we stand on the issue. Read More