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January 2016

Bahamas Moped Excursion

By Blog

In October, Kirby and I ventured off to enjoy some much needed rest and recovery from a busy summer and all of our wedding festivities. We cruised on Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas for the week. The fact that there were recently major storms in the area was a bit worrisome, but thankfully we ran into no danger, simply puffy rain clouds threatening to rain on our vacation.

Not willing to let the threat of rain get the best of our trip, Kirby and I were determined to make our last stop in the Bahamas a memorable one. Many of the suggested excursions weren’t really up our alley and shopping seemed rather uneventful. If we were going to travel we were going to get the most of it! We stepped onto the port of Nassau Island with no real plan or expectations, but with our sights set on adventure. Read More